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Industrial Ventilation Solutions (IVS) was born in 2018 in London and it is an off shoot of the SDI Ventilation Group.

SDI took off in Paris in 1995. The Group is present throughout France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Now IVS is present in London and the South East to ensure fast responsiveness and intervention.


We developed our expertise in the ventilation and extraction systems maintenance for many years. Providing Sanitisation and Decontamination with long term preventive and curative solutions for Professional Kitchen Canopies and extract networks.   


Since 2018, our mission has remained the same—to provide unparalleled service and allow our work to exceed all expectations of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness. From the smallest and easiest job to the most strenuous, we make sure that we’re not finished until the satisfaction of our customers is met.

We aim to finish each project in a timely-manner and with the highest level of quality. With a focus on personalised service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed industry expectations.

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

We strive to continually improve customer satisfaction. After each visit, we automatically send our customers a survey to measure and improve their expectations. These surveys are used to measure our quality of service in terms of delivering : hygiene and safety / any delays / customer relationship management and technician approach. 

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