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Get fully accredited commercial kitchen extract duct cleaning services in St. Albans from Industrial Ventilation Solutions Ltd. (IVS) to keep your food business compliant. We bring a collective experience of over 25 years in cleaning and maintaining different types and configurations of kitchen ventilation and extractor systems according to the latest standards of BESA TR19.

Get tailored solutions for kitchen extractor cleaning in St. Albans for restaurants, hotels, schools and several other facilities. Partner with us to have a comprehensive plan for keeping your industrial kitchen's compliance, air quality, and safety standards up to date.


IVS Offers Tailored Plans for Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning in St. Albans


Catching up to fast life in this commuter belt of London, we at IVS serve a diverse clientele for kitchen extractor duct cleaning in St. Albans, which includes some of the busiest restaurants, hotels and schools. Our services cover a wide range of parameters, including extractor fans, canopies, and ductwork. We follow a stringent process of preliminary site assessment, project planning and detailed reporting with photographic images of the entire extraction system after each cleaning.

Extractor & Ductwork Cleaning

Get managed, accredited, and timely extractor and ductwork cleaning in St. Albans that meets all these BESA TR19 criteria, as well as those of the insurance company, with minimal business disruption and prolongs the lifespan of your equipment.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

We do industrial stainless steel kitchen canopy cleaning for internal components and external surfaces. Removing stubborn deposits of grease, fat and oil. Get daily, quarterly, bi-annual and yearly kitchen canopy cleaning for TR19 code certifications.

HVAC System Cleaning

Get targeted cleaning for your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with powerful pressure washing, advanced tools and specialised products. We will remove every spec of grease, debris, hair and contaminant from the system.

End-to-End Extraction Cleaning & Servicing

Obtain an all-inclusive plan that includes every element of your kitchen infrastructure, such as extractors, HVAC systems, ducting, and surfaces, to ensure the hygienic and safe conditions of your commercial kitchen throughout the year.

The Best Aspects of Professional Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning In St. Albans


At IVS, we have built a reputable client base as a trusted contractor of kitchen extractor cleaning services in St. Albans. With our client-centric approach, transparent pricing and cohesive methodologies, we have helped numerous businesses and establishments maintain legal compliance for their commercial kitchens. If you are still looking for definite pointers about the best aspects that make us special, then below are some of them: 


  • Expertise: We have been in this business since the 1990s, but our expertise lies in our deep understanding of modern infrastructure and special equipment. We are certified experts in maintaining high-end industrial kitchen ventilation, extractors and ductwork.


  • Prompt Service: Whether you need to schedule a periodic kitchen duct cleaning service in St. Alban or address an emergency, our prompt customer service ensures the quickest response and aid.


  • Insured & Accredited:  We are fully accredited and insured to provide all kinds of ventilation cleaning and maintenance services for commercial kitchens in St. Albans for TR19 certification.


  • Free Quotes: We don’t charge anything to assess your needs and tell you our price; no one should. Feel free to contact us to get a clear estimation. 


  • Sustainable Practices:  Sustainability is not a trend anymore; it has become the new norm and we are one of the first to endorse it with our responsible practices, use of more eco-friendly cleaning products, and energy-efficient efficiency. 


We’re ready to help with your inquiry, and our team will endeavour to inspect your facilities as soon as possible. We carry out our site inspections for all inquiries within 48 hours. We believe in fast and responsive levels of service. So whether you require regular servicing or a one-off clean, we’ll be on-site promptly.


To prove that your facility meets duct cleaning regulations, we will provide you with a compliant hygiene certificate upon completion of the work. This certificate will satisfy both insurers and 3rd party inspectors that your ductwork has been sufficiently cleaned and meets TR19 regulations.


Are You Interested in IVS Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Services in St. Albans?

If you are running an industrial kitchen, then it is smarter to build a solid business relationship with a professional kitchen ventilation cleaning and maintenance contractor. It is easier to rely on them. Have a holistic solution for all kinds of commercial kitchen duct cleaning services in St. Albans with IVS. Talk to us about your needs and preferences, get a free quote and get started! 

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