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Clean, Safe, and Compliant: Your Trusted Duct Cleaners in Kent

Say Goodbye to Grease Buildup: Kent’s Leading Duct Cleaners

Professional Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning in Kent 

Experience excellence in kitchen hygiene with IVS Ltd, your premier destination for expert kitchen extract duct cleaning in Kent. With an enviable reputation built on excellence and a commitment to surpassing industry standards, we stand as your trusted partner in making sure your kitchen remains immaculately clean as well as safe and compliant with regulations. Our team is committed to making sure your kitchen stays safe, hygienic, and in compliance with the TR19 standard, regardless of whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or other type of commercial kitchen.

With a wealth of experience along with a dedication to quality, we take great pride in providing excellent cleaning solutions to businesses in and around Kent. Our knowledgeable staff provides comprehensive and effective cleaning solutions that are customised to match the unique needs of each client by utilising cutting-edge methods and tools.  With our dedicated team of experts by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen is in safe hands. 

Explore Our Complete Kitchen Extractor Cleaning Solutions

Ever since our establishment in 2018, we have been a reliable name to ensure the overall cleanliness of commercial kitchens in Kent. We are aware of the exact difficulties involved in running a commercial kitchen and customise our approach to meet your requirements. Whether you manage a small cafe, a busy restaurant, or a busy catering business, we have the expertise to produce outcomes that go above and beyond your expectations. 

Duct Cleaning

The complete kitchen extraction duct system is inspected and cleaned as part of our comprehensive duct cleaning service. By getting rid of accumulated filth, grease, and debris, we improve airflow and lower the chance of fire dangers. Our advanced methods ensure a thorough cleaning that reaches even the hardest-to-reach ducting sections.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Grease buildup is most noticeable around the kitchen canopy. The complete cleansing of the kitchen's canopy, filtration systems, and related parts is part of our professional cleaning service. This reduces the possibility of grease-related fires while also improving the visual appeal of your kitchen. We make sure every aspect of your kitchen canopy complies with safety regulations in addition to being hygienic.

HVAC System Cleaning

Keeping a kitchen atmosphere that is both comfortable and healthful requires a clean HVAC system. We clean all parts of the ventilation system, including the fans, filters, and air ducts. We improve the effectiveness of your HVAC system by eliminating impurities, which encourages better ventilation and energy savings.

End-to-End Extraction Cleaning & Servicing

The complete kitchen extraction  system, including the fans, motors, and related parts, is  covered by our end-to-end extraction cleanup and service.  We take care of the internal components of the extraction system in addition to its exterior to guarantee optimal performance. Frequent maintenance lowers the risk of malfunctions and extends the life of your equipment.

From inspection to cleaning and maintenance, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your duct system is free from contaminants and operates efficiently.

What Sets Apart IVS Ltd For Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning In Kent? 

    • Reputation 

IVS Ltd has established a strong name in Kent for providing outstanding outcomes and unmatched customer care, winning the respect and loyalty of a large number of delighted customers.

    • Expertise

IVS Ltd. has years of expertise in the field and a staff of highly skilled individuals who are adept in cleansing kitchen extractor ductwork to the highest expectations.

    • Specialised Tools 

To ensure the complete removal of grease, dirt, and other impurities from kitchen extractor ducts, IVS Ltd uses cutting-edge equipment and methods designed especially for this purpose.

    • Tailored Solutions 

IVS Ltd. provides cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to fit the demands of each client, acknowledging that every kitchen layout is different and assuring maximum performance and hygiene.

    • Safety and Compliance 

IVS Ltd. gives its clients peace of mind by closely adhering to industry safety standards and regulations, giving them assurance that their kitchen's ventilation systems are cleaned completely and safely.

Schedule Your Cleaning With IVS Ltd Today for a Safer Kitchen Tomorrow!

Speak to our team today to discuss your kitchen duct cleaning requirements. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and we look forward to serving you in Kent and the surrounding areas.

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