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Go Beyond the Hood with Top-Notch Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning

We redefine commercial kitchen cleanliness standards, one duct at a time.

Professional Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning in Newhaven

All commercial kitchens in the UK are expected to maintain the best hygiene levels when handling and using food products. When not adequately cared for, germs may spread and compromise customer safety. While the staff of a restaurant, cafeteria, incubator kitchen, convention centre, hotel and hospitality venue keep every nook and cranny of a commercial culinary space squeaky clean, they may fail to achieve the standard that only a professional assures one of.
Industrial Ventilation Solutions, or IVS, a London-based affiliate of the SDI Ventilation Group, enjoys expertise in ventilation and extraction system maintenance. Operational since 2018, we have enjoyed expertise in the sanitisation and decontamination of specialist kitchen canopies and extract networks alike. Our attention to promptly delivering the highest quality sets us apart in Newhaven, with a focus on personalised service to satisfy customers, regardless of the scale of the job.

Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Services in Newhaven

When ducts are not catered to, they accumulate pollutants, dust and bacteria, hindering the air quality and ventilation systems. Not only are you putting the health of your staff and customers at risk, but you are also violating the TR19 standards of BESA. At IVS Ltd., we work together to maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment for your commercial kitchen to be compliant.
Take a look at our range of services aimed at eliminating bacteria, mould buildups, dust, debris and dirt within ventilation systems in commercial kitchens in Newhaven.

Canopy Cleaning

The key to a safe and hygienic commercial kitchen in Newhaven is regular canopy cleaning. From grease removal, ventilation fan cleaning, filter inspection and fire risk assessment to tailored maintenance plans, we delve into every crevice to ensure healthy air circulation.

Duct Cleaning

We recommend duct cleaning to employers responsible for the health and safety of occupants to maintain optimal indoor air quality. As professionals, we eliminate dust, pollutants and debris stuck within ductworks using advanced techniques to circulate clean air while preventing potential hazards.

​All-Inclusive Extraction Cleaning

Our objective is to clean and maintain every component of the kitchen extraction system for everyone’s safety. Therefore, we not only inspect the ductwork or clean the canopy but also scrub ventilation fans, degrease the ductwork and test airflow.

HVAC System Cleaning

We prolong the life of HVAC systems in Newhaven by employing industry-approved methods to eliminate dust, contaminants, allergens and other dirt types. We primarily target coils, ventilation components and air handling units to maintain optimal air quality indoors.

What Makes IVS Ltd. a Trusted Ally in Your Relentless Pursuit to Thoroughly Clean Kitchen Extractor Ducts in Newhaven?

Our team of commercial kitchen cleaning specialists operates day in and day out to render grease-free zones in Newhaven. If you are looking to go beyond the surface when the matter concerns kitchen extractor ducts, call us without inhibitions. We will purify your culinary space by employing our systematic, comprehensive and hassle-free extraction methods. But that is just the cover page of what we are capable of. To know more, get into the details:

    1. With expertise backed by years of experience, we perform exceptionally well during duct and extraction cleaning. Our top-notch results are mostly due to the utilisation of cutting-edge equipment laced with a passion to follow the latest industry standards.

    2. Comply with the highest quality standards to ensure a squeaky-clean extraction and duct system.

    3. We are completely reliable when the matter concerns fulfilling deadlines without disruptions during operations. In simple words, our extraction and duct cleaning solutions are consistent and dependable.

    4. Sustainability is at the heart of our cleaning practices and products. We take only eco-friendly approaches to minimise the impact of our services on the environment.

Grease to Gleam: Take the Duct Cleansing Journey with IVS, Newhaven

We are ready to convert your doubts into affirmations by addressing each of them patiently. Contact our team of cleaning experts in Newhaven to learn more about our tailored cleaning services for commercial culinary spaces. We are all ears when it comes to ventilation system maintenance. Try us today!

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