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Maintain Compliance with TR19 Legislation in West Sussex

Reach Out to Our Extraction Systems and Ductwork Cleaning Specialists

Enhance Kitchen Safety and Efficiency with Professional Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning in West Sussex

IVS Ltd. specialises in offering thorough cleaning services for kitchen extract systems and ducting. While extract canopies and grease filters are usually well maintained, other components of the system are most of the time overlooked. Regular cleaning of kitchen ducts and extracts is essential for preventing the most common cause of kitchen fires. The extract system presents an unusual hazard due to the potential accumulation of grease, which might operate as a hidden combustion load. Our trained personnel are qualified to fully clean the system, giving you complete peace of mind.

Comprehensive Service Inclusions for Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning in Guildford

In commercial and industrial kitchens, advanced extraction systems are employed to remove smoke, odours, and steam from the cooking area, preventing the diffusion of smells into restaurants or adjacent non-cooking spaces.
These sophisticated systems generate grease, oil, and smoke residue. Regular inspection and cleaning, in compliance with both local and international regulations, are required to reduce the increased danger of fire. IVS Ltd. specializes in the thorough cleaning of various kitchen exhaust ducts, ensuring compliance with industry norms and promoting a safe kitchen environment.

Extensive Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Services in West Sussex: What's Included


Commercial kitchen owners must maintain a consistent focus on the cleanliness of their kitchen extractor system. Regularly clearing grease and debris from your kitchen hoods and ducting is crucial not just for meeting FOG (fat, oil, and grease) requirements, but also for guaranteeing the safety of your employees and customers. Our trained professionals know the importance of proper kitchen extraction cleaning and thus introduce our assortment of cleaning tools, which are ideal for this vital work. Professionals like us also know how to complete the job faster.

Adhering to FOG (fat, oil, and grease) regulations is not just a necessity but a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of both your employees and customers. At IVS Ltd., we prioritise your requirements and offer indispensable duct cleaning services, including the following: Our proficient service providers are well-trained to deliver these essential services.

Complete Kitchen Cleaning

IVS Ltd. provides tailored kitchen cleaning and duct extraction services. We customise our cleaning and maintenance services to match your specific requirements. Our focus is on reducing pollutants while adhering to industry requirements.

HVAC System Cleaning

Engaging our kitchen extract cleaning expertise in West Sussex will ensure that your HVAC system lasts longer, improves indoor air quality, and increases energy efficiency. We have the right expertise and equipment to offer this service.

Comprehensive Duct Cleaning

Our professional duct cleaning services will swiftly remove built-up dirt and debris. At IVS, we provide excellent duct performance that increases energy efficiency while reducing potential threats like fire outbreaks and respiratory ailments.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

IVS offers professional cleaning services for kitchen canopies, with a focus on food safety. Our specialised services not only reduce the possibility of grease accumulation, but also ensure that your facility meets all safety requirements.

Why Choose IVS for Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning in West Sussex?


Our kitchen extract cleaning service specialists in West Sussex use a comprehensive approach, leaving no area neglected and carefully adhering to industry best practices. Our operations prioritise sustainability while adhering to the highest sanitary requirements. Apart from hassle-free solutions, what actually distinguishes us is merely a taste of what we provide. Scroll down to learn more.

Ensures Safety Standards: We use industry-specific safety standards and guidelines, as well as appropriate protective equipment, to guarantee maximum safety during duct cleaning. This strategy ensures that the project is completed successfully while adhering to strict safety regulations. 

Years of industry experience: Years of experience have enriched the knowledge of our highly qualified professionals, allowing them to perform exceptional duct and extraction cleaning services.

Customised Solutions: IVS provides more than just specialised cleaning for kitchen extractors and ductwork; we personalise our services to your exact needs. We evaluate potential hazards and implement preventive measures to ensure that your kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and maintained.

Free Estimates: Please contact us at any time for a free estimate and consultation. Unlike other organisations that may charge for this service, we provide free quotations, ensuring that you only pay once our team completes the task. We prioritise transparency while providing savings and special discounts for large projects.d.


Discover Incredible Efficiency with Our Expert Extract and Duct Cleaning Services!


Why take unnecessary risks? Please contact us soon if you need a clean and secure cooking environment. We can offer you a free quote and detailed information on kitchen extraction and duct cleaning. Our tailored solutions will definitely meet your every need.

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