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Achieve Kitchen Clarity with Specialised Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning

We conquer grease and grime to circulate fresh air from spotless ducts at IVS Ltd.

Professional Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning in Hastings


While handling food items, every industrial kitchen in the UK is supposed to uphold the highest hygiene standards. When improperly catered to, it can build up a layer of highly flammable grease. It not only creates a major fire hazard but also clogs the extraction system and reduces its efficiency. Over time, it contributes to higher utility bills. Moreover, a failure to comply with the TR19 regulations can attract hefty fines and result in the shutdown of the business.

Industrial Ventilation Solutions, or IVS, an affiliate of the SDI Ventilation Group operating from London and the South East, established itself in 2018. Our key specialities include thorough cleaning of ducts, canopies, fans, filters, and everything else to create a healthy working environment in restaurants, schools, canteens, pubs, hospitals, care homes, and similar commercial areas. When seeking specialist duct clean-up and kitchen canopy decontamination services in Hastings that guarantee timely completion, utmost client satisfaction, and the highest quality levels, stop by IVS.

Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning Services in Hastings


Equipped with high-powered techniques, we combat grime, grease, and all sorts of contaminants to ensure a TR19-compliant exhaust system. If you genuinely care about your customers and staff, team up with our trained professionals and let us guarantee you thorough and safe cleaning—a standard essential to maintaining a healthy work environment.

Curious about our range of kitchen extractor duct cleaning services? Enclosed are the specialised solutions promised by us in Hastings:

Canopy Cleaning

At IVS Ltd., we decontaminate kitchen canopies, including filters, hoods and other components, to meet the unique needs of commercial kitchens. Our purpose behind this specified solution is to keep every food service establishment in Hastings fire-safety compliant and risk-free from grease buildups.

Duct Cleaning

We feel that we must prevent fire breakouts and maintain airflow efficiency in Hastings’ commercial kitchens while complying with safety regulations. We achieve it through our professional duct cleaning services, wherein we eliminate carbon, debris and grease from the extraction system. 

All-Inclusive Extraction Cleaning

Whether it’s ductwork cleaning, complete canopy care, routine assessment of filters, decontaminating fans, or prevention of blockages, you can entirely rely on our expert technicians. We tailor our services to meet the purpose of every food delivery establishment, ensuring adherence to industry regulations at all costs.

HVAC System Cleaning

A healthy indoor environment in the commercial kitchens of Hastings is no coincidence. It’s an outcome of professional HVAC system cleaning services. From coil, air handling unit and duct cleaning to ventilation decontamination, we conduct everything to create a productive indoor setup and extend the lifespan of the HVAC system.

What Makes IVS a Reliable Partner in Your Unwavering Endeavour to Get Kitchen Extractor Ducts Cleaned in Hastings?


We are a squad of kitchen specialist cleaners, operating with the right skill set and equipment to de-grease ducts and the ventilation system for a performance boost of at least 30%. If you are working responsibly to lower the risks of fire breakouts, prevent bacteria from multiplying and control odours from spreading, feel free to connect with us. Our remedial service encompasses the following:

1. Unmatched experience: Having worked in different kitchen environments, we have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of extractor duct systems. Tap into our wealth of knowledge to enjoy outstanding results on your cleaning project.

2. Compliant: We adhere to the highest industry standards to assure our clients of quality in every aspect of the work. Expect a thorough clean-up of your extraction and duct system with us by your side.

3. Reliable: Our prompt response to critical cleanliness concerns is what makes us dependable. We prioritise meeting deadlines without disrupting operations to deliver the standard we initially promised.

4. Environmentally considerate: We believe only in eco-friendly approaches and cleaning agents to stick to our commitment to sustainability. We know we have a social responsibility and operate with that in mind.

Achieve Ventilation Victory and Flawless Filtration with IVS, Hastings


Experience a breath of fresh air with your ducts cleaned by us. We guarantee a grease-free extraction system in every commercial kitchen with our bespoke cleaning services. Contact us today to feel the difference, where safety, performance, and cleanliness go hand-in-hand for a healthier culinary environment.

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