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The historical English town of Marlow is enriched with a bustling culinary scene, sprawling with prestigious restaurants, hotels, pubs, and a wide range of food businesses. Integrated Ventilation Solutions (IVS) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of industrial ventilation maintenance solutions and we are happy to extend our professional kitchen duct cleaning services in Marlow. 

Industrial kitchens are subject to infrastructural changes, moving on with shifts in design trends, equipment upgrades, and amending regulations. For all kinds of infrastructure, the consequences of grease and contaminants are all but the same and inevitable. Kitchen extractor ducts can be one of the most complex things to clean and maintain, which necessitates a reliable kitchen duct cleaning service provider—that will be us! 

IVS Offers On-Demand Kitchen Cleaning Services in Marlow


We at IVS offer on-demand kitchen deep cleaning services in Marlow with effective strategies to ensure safety and hygiene as per the latest BESA TR19® regulations. Our approach is to deliver a comprehensive cleaning routine for your industrial kitchen that is convenient and realistically affordable for you to continue with. Apart from restaurants and food businesses, we also work with commercial kitchens, hospitals, hotels, cinemas and theatre halls, schools and universities. We welcome all kinds of businesses dealing in industrial kitchens to partner with us and experience our tailored cleaning solutions that are meant to give you all peace of mind while at peak performance.

Extractor & Ductwork Cleaning 

Get legal compliance and higher performance for extractors and ductwork with our managed duct cleaning services. We will ensure that the cleaning day doesn’t conflict with your business hours. And that future insurance claims get maximum coverage. We offer fully accredited services to guarantee timely maintenance and optimal performance for all kinds of industrial extractors.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

Fat poodling, which poses a fire hazard in addition to being a hygienic concern, is the largest problem that kitchen canopies face. The BESA TR/19 guidelines indicate that we must inspect the entire canopy inside and out, including the filters and supply plenums for a thorough and deep clean. We are happy to oblige. 

HVAC System Cleaning

Our spot-on HVAC cleaning services in Marlow are carried out in pre-planned stages based on the condition of the equipment and the extent of grease build-up. Advanced pressure washing, power vacuuming and other techniques are used to dislodge the most stubborn contaminants and ensure optimal performance for different types of HVAC systems.

End-to-End Extraction Cleaning & Servicing

It is all different for each business— the ventilation infrastructure, the kitchen environment and the issues with contamination and grease buildup. Our end-to-end solutions take care of all these issues, are tailored to individual needs, and offer the same amount of convenience for all.

What Makes IVS Your Trustworthy Partner for Professional Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning In Marlow


Whether your commercial kitchen needs a one-time deep cleaning or an annual plan for scheduled maintenance, we guarantee the most reliable and practical solutions to meet your needs. We offer professional extract duct cleaning for commercial kitchens in Marlow under the supervision of certified and knowledgeable local professionals. We employ cutting-edge equipment, advanced pressure washing and innovative detailing methods to thoroughly clean kitchen surfaces, ductwork, filters and other nooks and crannies of your kitchen ventilation to ensure complete safety from fire hazards due to grease build-up. 


1. Cohesive Approach: We maintain a well-organized company to be accessible for as many questions, appointments, and urgent cleaning requirements as possible.

2. Industry Experts: We have aligned a solid team of qualified and certified experts in professional kitchen extractor duct cleaning. Expert-led services mean high precision and comprehensive solutions- we never miss a spot.

3. Specialised Equipment: Get your kitchen equipment cleaned with the advanced technology of pressure washing, spot cleaning, and, vacuuming, combined with our manual, meticulous quality check.

4. Environmental Responsibility: We constantly strive to reduce our and our client’s carbon footprint, and thus we are always open-minded about endorsing eco-conscious methodologies, products and practices to serve you better.

Partner With IVS for Professional Kitchen Extract Duct Cleaning In Marlow


Running a food business or commercial kitchen in Marlow requires business owners to be conscious of the latest food safety and hygiene regulations and take timely steps to adhere to them. If it ever gets confusing, or hectic for you to live by the rules, then we at IVS have a plan that works for you. Get in touch with us today, to have a no-obligation consultation and free quote.

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