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Fan Replacement for Commercial Kitchen Extractors and Exhaust Fans

IVS is one of the most dependable providers of professional fan replacement services for extractors and exhaust fans in commercial kitchens in the UK. The importance of ventilation in ensuring a safe and efficient cooking environment cannot be overstated.

Overuse and grease accumulation in exhaust and extractor fans can result in insufficient airflow, resulting in poor ventilation, increased heat, unpleasant odours, and significant health problems.

IVS’s skilled technicians are available on-demand to replace and repair exhaust fans and extractor fans to ensure adequate airflow, save energy consumption, and improve the overall efficiency of your commercial kitchen.

Our Services

Get a comprehensive solution to keep your commercial kitchen extractor fans up-to-date with optimal performance and reduced energy costs.


  1. Survey & Evaluation: We respond to callouts for commercial kitchen fan inspections. Whether it's a damaged fan, overheating problems, poor performance, or any other issue. Our technicians will come to your commercial kitchen to evaluate the fan and, if necessary, the complete extractor to determine the source of the problem. Based on the examination, the expert will make recommendations for solutions that meet the needs of your kitchen.

  2. Selecting New Extractor Fan: If you need to replace any equipment, you can get expert guidance from our technicians to recommend the most appropriate models ideal for your commercial kitchen. They will consider factors such as the size and layout of the kitchen, the cooking equipment in use, the required airflow capacity, and energy efficiency.

  3. Removal of an Old Fan: If you need to reconfigure your ventilation system, we can assist with the total removal of fans. We will complete all necessary tasks with maximum safety and minimum mess. We will disconnect electrical connections, detach mounting brackets, and gently remove the fan from the ducting or housing without damaging the surrounding areas.

  4. Installation of the New Fan: The technician will install the replacement fan following the manufacturer's instructions and industry best practices. This involves securing the new fan, attaching electrical cabling, and assuring appropriate ducting alignment.

  5. Testing and Calibration: Once the new fan is installed, the technician will test its functionality and performance. They will check for proper airflow, smooth operation, and any unusual noises or vibrations. If necessary, they will make any adjustments or calibrations to ensure optimal performance.

  6. Cleanup and Disposal: The service provider will clean up any debris or mess created during the fan replacement process. They will dispose of the old fan and any related materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

  7. Documentation and Recommendations: After completing the fan replacement, the technician may provide you with documentation detailing the service performed, including specifications of the new fan, warranty information, and any recommended maintenance or follow-up procedures.

Why Choose IVS for Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fan Replacement

We provide maximum value for your time and expert handling of your equipment and infrastructure. Make one phone call and have an all-inclusive solution.



We Respond to Emergency Callouts: With a staff of skilled engineers on call 24 hours a day, we can fix Commercial Kitchen Extractor Fans the same day. We also stock spare parts and brand-new industrial extractor fans to offer on-the-spot solutions.


High-Quality Products: We purchase fan replacements from reputable manufacturers to ensure consistent performance and durability.


Tailored Solutions: We recognise that each commercial kitchen is distinct. Our experts will customise the fan replacement solution to your individual needs and budget.


Timely Execution: We appreciate your time and the operations of your business. Our crew is dedicated to completing the fan replacement job within the agreed-upon timescales, causing as little disturbance to your kitchen's regular operations as possible.


Compliance and Safety: To guarantee that your kitchen satisfies all safety and ventilation requirements, we adhere to industry norms and laws when replacing extractor fans.

Contact Us


IVS offers comprehensive solutions for integrated commercial kitchen extractor fans, as well as the replacement and removal of equipment. Feel free to contact us at 07770 382 363 or email us at  if you would like to speak with one of our skilled technicians about your unique needs.

Our professional staff can provide expert advice on whether you need to replace your extractor fans, what you need to do to keep a commercial kitchen ventilation system in good working order, and how to calculate the price.

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