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IVS offers much more than just commercial kitchen cleaning services. The team leaves no stone unturned to offer professional kitchen duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial establishments in Chichester. Our experienced team is trained enough to use the best techniques for conducting a thorough and effective deep cleaning service of the entire kitchen or customise the service based on your specific requirements. Avail our services to get rid of grime, grease, dirt and debris from the kitchen to improve air quality as well as reduce the risk of fire outbreaks.



As per TR19 regulations, commercial kitchens need to be cleaned every six months to improve air quality and remove heat, pungent smells and carbon monoxide. Poor air quality can also lead to smoke, a foul smell and even a fire outbreak. Kitchen extractor duct cleaning in Chichester removes grease and other substances from ducts, vents, hoods and exhaust fans by using caustic chemicals, brushing, vacuuming and even hot water pressure washing. At IVS, we comply with the rules and regulations and approach the task responsibly, making sure to meet and exceed expectations every time.

Thorough Kitchen Cleaning

Get specialised kitchen cleaning and duct extraction services from IVS. We tailor our services to meet your needs for cleaning and maintaining the system by removing contaminants while ensuring compliance as per industry standards.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

IVS provides cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen canopies to ensure the safety of the food establishment. Our tailored services eliminate the risk of grease buildup while ensuring your establishment meets safety compliance across all levels.

End-to-End Duct Cleaning

Now eradicate accumulated dirt and debris with our efficient duct cleaning services. At IVS, we provide efficient duct performance that not only improves energy efficiency but also prevents potential hazards like fire outbreaks and respiratory illnesses.

HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance

A clean HVAC system is less likely to break down and has a longer lifespan. IVS targets ventilation components, coils and air handling units and ensures the complete removal of contaminants, which promotes air quality and prevents the spread of illnesses.

Why Choose IVS?

1. We Maintain Safety Standards: We follow industry-specific safety standards and guidelines and use proper protective equipment to ensure optimal safety while cleaning the ducts. This approach ensures that the job is done effectively while maintaining safety protocols.

2. We Use The Latest Tools And Techniques: From high-pressure air hoses to powerful vacuums, we at IVS ensure a thorough duct cleaning service, ensuring all grease and contaminants are removed from the kitchen ducts.

3. We Offer Customised Services: IVS not only offers specialised kitchen extraction and ductwork cleaning, but we also customise our services to adhere to your specifications. We understand the potential hazards and take preventive measures to effectively clean and maintain the kitchen.

4. Experience Speaks For Itself: Our professionals have years of experience and IVS is one of the industry leaders in the kitchen extraction and duct cleaning business. We are a reputable company and offer superior services at cost-effective rates compared to others. We might not be the cheapest, but our experienced technicians ensure better cleaning work is done at the end of the day.

5. We Give You A Free Estimate: You can get a free estimate and consult us anytime. While other companies might charge a fee, we provide you with free quotations and ensure you do not have to pay any fee unless an actual service is completed by our team. We are transparent and do offer plenty of discounts and deals for big projects.

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Why take the risk? Connect with us now for a clean and safe kitchen space. For a detailed guide on kitchen extraction and ductwork cleaning, get in touch with the team for a free quote. We provide customised solutions to meet your diversified requirements.

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