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Elevate Hygiene: East Sussex’s Premier Duct Cleaners

Protect Your Business and Ensure Compliance With Health and Safety Regulations!

Specialist Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning In East Sussex

An immaculate and well-kept kitchen extractor system is necessary for every commercial and industrial kitchen. It helps keep hygiene standards in check, reduces the possibility of fire threats in addition to providing a healthy and secure place of employment for your employees. Kitchen extractors are essential for keeping a spotless atmosphere, and IVS Ltd takes pride in providing excellent cleaning services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of East Sussex businesses.

Industrial Ventilation Solutions (IVS), a subsidiary of the SDI Ventilation Group, was established in 2018 in London. Our dedication to quality and industry-leading experience allows us to guarantee that your kitchen's extraction ductwork is kept in top condition for both safety and maximum performance. Transform your kitchen into a spotless and safe culinary haven with our professional kitchen extractor duct cleaning in East Sussex.

A Breakdown of Our Kitchen Extractor Cleaning Inclusions

When you partner with IVS Ltd, you are opting for comprehensive cleaning that leaves no aspect overlooked. Our vast expertise gives us the understanding that every component of your kitchen’s extraction system plays a vital role in maintaining hygeine and safety standards. Here’s what is included in our professional cleaning services:

Duct Cleaning

We remove accumulated dirt, grease, and other pollutants from the whole kitchen extraction duct system with our all-inclusive duct cleaning service. We use specialised equipment and methods to guarantee that the ductwork is thoroughly cleaned. 

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

The kitchen canopy, which is intended to collect and eliminate oil, smells, and cooking fumes, is an essential part of the ventilation system. In order to keep your kitchen hygienic and secure, our canopy cleaning service is aimed at eliminating grease accumulation from the canopy's surfaces, filtration systems, and surrounding regions.

HVAC System Cleaning

We take care of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) System in addition to cleaning the extractor ducts. Our professionals are adept at cleaning HVAC components to improve efficiency and stop the spread of contaminants.

End-to-End Extraction Cleaning & Servicing

We provide complete cleaning and maintenance for your kitchen extraction system, addressing everything from the ducting to the canopy. To maintain the smooth operation of your extraction system, our professionals do comprehensive inspections, spot any faults or possible concerns, and offer timely servicing.

Your kitchen needs to be revitalised, not just given a superficial cleaning. Our all-inclusive services address pollutants, filth, and grease at their source, fostering a more secure and healthier kitchen environment. Maintaining a spotless kitchen is not only legally required but also an indication of your commitment to quality work.

Why Choose IVS Ltd For Your Kitchen Extractor Duct Cleaning In East Sussex?


At IVS Ltd, we have been assisting commercial kitchens of all sizes with their duct and extract cleaning requirements. Businesses in East Sussex have improved their hygiene standards, increased productivity, and created secure workplace environments while reducing costs through the use of our commercial kitchen extractor duct cleaning services.

Here’s what sets us apart: 

    • Expertise 

The knowledgeable specialists on our team have extensive experience with kitchen extraction systems. We utilise cutting-edge cleaning techniques and have a thorough understanding of these intricate systems to get rid of dirt, grease, and other impurities.

    • Cutting-Edge Equipment 

We make investments in state-of-the-art cleaning tools to guarantee complete and effective outcomes. Our team can easily access difficult-to-reach areas thanks to our advanced equipment. 

    • Compliance 

Our adherence to industry norms and laws guarantees that your kitchen satisfies all hygienic criteria, enabling staff members to operate in a hygienic environment that complies with TR19 standards. With our services, you may be confident in the overall cleanliness of your kitchen. 

    • Tailored Solutions 

The cleaning requirements of every kitchen are distinct. We offer individualised solutions that take into consideration the particular needs of your kitchen layout. We have the knowledge to meet your specific demands whether you are a restaurant owner, hotel operator, or caterer.

    • Flexible Scheduling 

We know how important it is to keep your business's operations running as smoothly as possible. We can accommodate your schedule thanks to our various scheduling options, so our cleaning services won't interfere too much with your regular activities.

Experience the Difference With Our Comprehensive Extractor Duct Cleaning Solutions!

Count on IVS Ltd to transform your kitchen into a sparkling beacon of excellence that sets the stage for culinary excellence. Impeccable cleanliness meets unmatched expertise as we make sure your kitchen ventilation system operates at its best. Get in touch with our professional team today to schedule an initial consultation and take the first step towards a cleaner and more efficient kitchen environment in East Sussex. 

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